Saturday July 31, 2021

FarEye improves contactless delivery for peak season

Technology firm FarEye has launched new features and system enhancements to help retailers handle record volumes of online orders at Black Friday and during this year’s peak season.

The start-up company said online consumer shopping is expected to get anywhere up to a 10x surge during the season, yet “less than 30% of the retailers are prepared to handle this surge in demand”.

FarEye claimed its latest platform features and enhancements will help retailers handle the Black Friday surge and cope with delivery demand. The improvements help retailers to:

● Offer more flexibility to customers with features like self-service delivery slot booking, multiple payment options, deliveries at drop-off points

● Have an accelerated model to quickly onboard new carriers to meet surge in demand

● Achieve app-based onboarding & training of freelance drivers to fulfil orders

● Improve contactless delivery capabilities - including temperature tracking of drivers, integrations with national & international compliance applications

● Improve order-level visibility to customers - Instant track & trace, messaging drivers and single-click calling

● Improve personalization & customer lifetime value - showcasing more products based on customer behavior & preferences, and

● Achieve comprehensive end-to-end visibility of the logistics operations and real-time customer feedback to take corrective actions

Gaurav Srivastava, CTO at FarEye, explained: “From the time we launched FarEye SERVE back in March to help retailers deliver essential goods, we have not just successfully helped retailers handle scalability challenges, but have also made major breakthroughs in advanced contactless capabilities. These include driver temperature tracking, compliance apps integrations & more. With FarEye, retailers can now focus on customer experience and not worry about scalability and orchestration challenges.”

CEO Kushal Nahata added: “Consumers are rapidly moving towards an omni-channel experience as a way of life. They want to engage with brands that understand their preferences and are able to establish a deeper connection with them - delivery expectations, payment preferences and lifestyle choices.

“In this scenario, brand experience is largely defined by its logistics journey. In an
online-first world, logistics is the only actual touch point between the brand and its customer,” he emphasised.

Customers are already seeing the benefits, according to FarEye.

Dharmin Ved, CEO, 6th Street (Apparel Group), commented: “With the upcoming festive season, we expect orders to triple until the beginning of the year. The most important part of online shopping is not only the shopping platform but also the logistics methods that are provided to consumers. FarEye has helped us go above and beyond to deliver safely and have also enabled us to offer next day deliveries.”

Vaishali Thakkar, GM– Customer Service and Operations, Home Town, said: “As many families have started spending more time home, have transitioned to working from home, home improvement seems to have taken the customer’s attention. We anticipate a surge this festive season with new product lines, suppliers, and logistics partners. FarEye has helped us scale up our product delivery and post-sale processes with new distribution models and logistics partners smoothly to ensure a consistent customer experience.”

FarEye describes itself as a leading logistics orchestration platform that makes deliveries customer-centric for industries across 3PL, Courier, & Logistics, Food & Grocery, Restaurants, Retail, and CPG companies. It enables brands to orchestrate, track, and optimize their logistics operations.

The company claims that its machine learning-based platform empowers global enterprises to shrink delivery time by up to 27%, increase courier productivity by up to 15%, eliminate risks by up to 57%, and achieve operational excellence.


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