Thursday April 18, 2024

ESW is BigCommerce preferred technology partner

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne
Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne

E-commerce logistics services provider ESW has been named a BigCommerce Preferred Technology Partner, providing tens of thousands of BigCommerce merchants access to ESW’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) global ecommerce solutions.

As of January 11, BigCommerce customers can integrate ESWs service through the BigCommerce App Marketplace. BigCommerce Preferred Technology Partners are selected for offering best-in-class technologies, value and superior customer service.

“We are thrilled to be a new BigCommerce Preferred Technology Partner,” said Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, President and Chief Executive Officer, ESW Americas. “ESW will support BigCommerce merchants with a quick-to-market ecommerce solution that localizes the entire shopping experience from pricing to payments, compliance, duties & taxes and logistics for global consumers in over 200 markets. Brands seeking global growth must decide whether to build all of this internally — requiring a massive investment in capital and time — or turn to experts, such as ESW. We help retailers quickly expand their global consumer base and grow topline revenue whilst improving margins through an asset-light strategy.”

ESW supports BigCommerce merchants at every stage of their global growth. The company leverages its deep understanding of local markets to create unique DTC opportunities that drive customer lifetime value. Brands maintain control over every aspect of their experience, from their data to the look and feel of their ecommerce sites to their content, catalog, payments, fulfillment, and delivery and returns experience.

“Our partnership with ESW further illustrates our commitment to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers available in the industry,” said Russell Klein, chief commercial officer for BigCommerce. “ESW shares our desire to help merchants sell more and grow faster to maximize success, and we look forward to working together to mutually support customers.”

ESW is the leading global and domestic direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce company, empowering the world's best-loved brands and retailers to expand their DTC channel. ESW acquired Scalefast in June 2022, and the combined organization offers brands and retailers a complete portfolio of technology and services that cost-effectively support any stage of a company’s development.

BigCommerce is a leading open software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce platform that empowers merchants of all sizes to build, innovate and grow their businesses online. BigCommerce provides merchants with sophisticated enterprise-grade functionality, customization and performance with simplicity and ease-of-use. Tens of thousands of B2C and B2B companies across 150 countries and numerous industries use BigCommerce to create beautiful, engaging online stores.


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