Thursday December 09, 2021

Doddle powers Yamato digital e-commerce returns


Delivery technology specialist Doddle has expanded its partnership with Yamato with the launch of a new digital returns service for e-retailers in Japan.

Japan’s biggest parcels carrier already teamed up with the British company last year to launch its proprietary PUDO network, underpinned by Doddle technology, to improve the e-commerce delivery experience. This covers 50,000 partner parcel shops across the country.

Now Yamato is using Doddle’s returns technology, which is already used by hundreds of merchants globally, for its new digital returns service that aims to simplify returns for both e-commerce merchants and consumers.

The service’s first users are Gap Japan K.K.'s Gap and BANANA REPUBLIC online stores.

From paper to digital

Doddle explained that returns are still often handled in an analogue way, with customers having to confirm the return address by phone, filling in a handwritten slip, or returning the item directly to a store.

To improve the convenience of returns for both customers and merchants, Yamato’s new digital returns service connects Doddle’s digital returns portal with its own vast delivery network.

By using digital returns software, Yamato is thus able to simplify the returns process by eliminating the need for customers to call to confirm whether an item can be returned, as well as the need to write or print a returns slip and label.

The service is available to merchants in Japan as either a ready-to-go returns website or an API that can be integrated with existing systems, according to Doddle.

E-commerce ecosystem

Looking ahead, the two companies plan to continue working together to accelerate the digitalisation of returns logistics and to build an ecommerce ecosystem that benefits both merchants and consumers.

Doddle’s technologies are designed to help logistics and e-commerce companies develop the most advanced fulfilment strategies in their markets to improve the customer experience, drive sustainable solutions, and increase profitability and efficiency.

Its White Label Technology Platform enables companies to build, deploy and manage a comprehensive ecosystem for out-of-home shipping and returns. Big-name clients include ASOS, Amazon, United States Postal Service and Australia Post.

SourceDoddle, CEP-Research

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