Sunday February 25, 2024

Docaposte plans digital healthcare tech acquisition

Docaposte, the digital subsidiary of the La Poste Group, has entered into exclusive negotiations with Maincare, one of the leaders in supporting the digital transformation of hospitals in France, with a view to acquiring it from its shareholders (Montagu Private Equity).

This structural merger is based on shared values and the vision of an ambitious, long-term operational project. By combining Maincare's assets with its expertise in digital trust, Docaposte will create a powerful technological leader helping healthcare providers with their digital transformation.

Healthcare’s digital transformation in France is facing multiple challenges: the development of a greater digital culture among healthcare providers, the increase in interoperability between software and the migration to cloud solutions improving the availability of health data, and the development of predictive diagnosis information for patients.

Maincare, a trusted partner to hospitals for 20 years

Founded in 1999, Maincare is a leading provider of healthcare software for hospitals. It supports healthcare professionals in their digital transformation with a comprehensive range of digital business solutions (healthcare production, telemedicine, healthcare coordination, administrative management, economic and financial management, logistics, human resources, etc.) and services (strategic consulting, communication). The software publisher offers a new generation of electronic patient records.

In 2021, Maincare was the first French publisher to be referenced as "Ségur du numérique" for all hospital sectors. Maincare’s 650 employees, including nearly 300 in R&D, support nearly 1,000 customers, including 80% of French university hospitals and regional hospitals. In 2022, Maincare achieved a turnover of more than 80 million euros.

Managing data for the patient’s benefit

The partnership with Maincare is part of a strategy to give healthcare professionals more time to care for patients through data optimization. The synergies between the solutions developed by Docaposte and Maincare will help healthcare institutions improve patient care, contribute to improving the relationship between hospitals and healthcare professionals, and help achieve the objectives of the healthcare system’s digital transformation.

This alliance will also strengthen Docaposte and Maincare's ability to ensure the compliance, security and competence of hospital health data. By optimizing and securing healthcare data mining, the challenge is also to improve the use of healthcare data for more predictive diagnostical purposes and to develop decision support for healthcare professionals.

Creating a powerful leader

Olivier Vallet, Chairman and CEO of Docaposte, said: "The alliance with Maincare marks an important step in Docaposte's healthcare strategy, which is one of our priorities in terms of development. This structural operation illustrates our desire to create a powerful leader in digital health in France. The complementary nature of Maincare's recognized expertise and the robustness of our digital trust and secure healthcare data management solutions will enable us to meet the challenges of digital transformation for hospitals and healthcare providers in France."

Supporting the digital transformation of health in France

A leader in digital trust in France, Docaposte has made health one of its priorities in terms of development. As an HDS [French Healthcare Data Host certification] certified healthcare data host, Docaposte has strengthened its healthcare expertise since 2017, in particular through acquisitions in the areas of connectivity with SMRs [Shared Medical Records] (icanopée), clinical studies (Inadvans and Heva) and informed medical consent (Calimed solution).

With its infrastructure and expertise, Docaposte aims to position itself as a powerful technological leader for the digital transformation of healthcare providers, and to contribute to the digital transformation of healthcare, where the need for trust and security solutions is rapidly growing.

In this context, the merger with Maincare marks an acceleration of Docaposte's healthcare development strategy, which is based on three areas: optimising the organisational efficiency of healthcare providers, improving patient care journeys, and accelerating the use of healthcare data.

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