Wednesday February 26, 2020

DHL Express hikes prices for 2020

DHL is investing in B777 freighters
DHL is investing in B777 freighters

DHL Express today announced higher prices in numerous markets around the world with effect from January, including Germany, several other European countries and major Asia Pacific markets.

This first batch of annual rate adjustments come just days after FedEx announced a 4.9% rise in US express and ground rates for next year and amid ongoing price rises at sister company DHL Parcel Germany.

In Germany, DHL Express will increase its domestic and international rates for most customers by 4.9% with effect from January 1, 2020. Depending on weight, volume and destination mix prices might be even higher, the company noted.

“DHL Express has been investing significantly in its international network to meet highest expectations and to offer an even better service to customers globally,” explained Markus Reckling, Managing Director DHL Express Germany.

“The annual price adjustment allows us to further strengthen our infrastructure, ensuring best-in-class customer solutions by using innovative technologies and individual delivery processes. These investments boost our shipment processing capacities per hour and reduce our transit times. We are always working on upgrading our regional and intercontinental air fleets, we are opening new facilities with automated sorting technologies and introduce innovative e-commerce service solutions for our customers worldwide.

“At DHL Express, we will also carry on doing everything we can to assure the highest security and sustainability standards to comply with the requirements of our customers, partners and transport authorities.”

Elsewhere in Europe, DHL Express rates will also rise by 4.9% on average in Austria and Sweden, by 3.9% in Spain and by 5.9% in Poland. Increases for other major markets such as the UK, France and Italy were not available at the time of writing.

In Asia Pacific, there will be average increases of 4.9% in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and New Zealand.

The average shipment price increase in India will be 6.9%. However, this increase may go up to 15% for shipments of cross border e-commerce, owing to higher costs of delivery, according to the company.

SourceDHL Express, CEP-Research

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