Saturday October 16, 2021

Demand surges for Bringg’s Delivery Hub

Delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider Bringg is seeing spectacular growth for its Delivery Hub offering multiple delivery partners for retailers.

Over the past 12 months, Bringg’s Delivery Hub has experienced 11x growth across key retail verticals in North America, Europe and South America.

At the same time, the company has helped implement sustainability efforts through a strong growth of local and eco-friendly delivery fleets, including local drivers and zero emission, electric vehicles as well as autonomous delivery. 

Bringg’s Delivery Hub levels the playing field for brick and mortar retailers, especially those in DIY/Home Improvement, Grocery, Restaurants, Auto Parts, Convenience, TelCo and Party Goods verticals.

Through the Delivery Hub, these retailers and delivery providers have access to a common platform that not only allows access to the delivery resources available in the market but coordinates to improve performance and efficiency for both sides. Synchronizing delivery, driver arrival and retail operations means less congestion, fewer delays and faster, more reliable delivery and returns. 

“The global pandemic has created a clear demand for retailers to optimize their delivery models, and this most often means working effectively with multiple providers,” said Niko Avrutov, VP of Alliances at Bringg. “The Delivery Hub now includes almost 40 fleets, with access to approximately 8 million local delivery drivers. The growth of this movement proves that the retail industry is coming together to provide better solutions to retailers and shoppers. We are thrilled to continue to expand our offering and in turn improve customer experiences when demand for delivery continues to increase.” 

With Bringg’s Delivery Hub, retailers can easily and flexibly select and manage new fleets as demand requires, without the need to build or maintain integrations. They are able to implement and deploy delivery options faster, brand deliveries to match the same brand feel that consumers would see in-store, easily measure and automate performance, scale up delivery, and create cost and operational efficiencies.

“Now more than ever before, retailers are using their physical retail footprints to offer better pickup and rapid, convenient delivery,” said Avrutov. “As consumers continue to expect and demand delivery options that are reliable and flexible, retailers need to prioritize their strategies for meeting these expectations while also optimizing efficiencies.”

Bringg helps enterprises scale up and optimize their logistics operations with its data-led delivery and fulfillment cloud platform. Retailers and logistics providers can rapidly enable innovative delivery and fulfillment models that maximize the customer experience, optimize logistics operations and scale business channels for growth.


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