Sunday August 09, 2020

Consumers need safe delivery boxes to prevent Christmas present thefts, iParcelBox claims

New smart delivery solution iParcelBox
New smart delivery solution iParcelBox

Two thirds of British consumers will buy Christmas presents online but face an increasing risk of having them stolen from their doorsteps, according to delivery box start-up iParcelBox.

The London-based company has released a new poll finding that 63% of British workers plan to purchase most of their Christmas presents online. Almost 60% of the 2,000 workers who were surveyed said they planned to spend at least £200 on Christmas presents online.

But recent police figures reveal that doorstep parcel thefts have risen by nearly a quarter in the last two years, iParcelBox pointed out.

The findings will spark fears that opportunistic thieves could cash in on a surge in unattended deliveries in the lead up to the festive season. Over half of respondents (52%) said they were concerned that thieves might steal gifts that have been left on their doorstep whilst at work.

Additionally, almost two thirds (60%) of 25-44-year olds said they expect to make at least one visit to the parcel depot to collect missed parcels this Christmas. The data suggests that many workers have accepted a trip to the parcel depot to collect missed deliveries as ‘the norm’.

Paul Needler, founder of iParcelBox, commented: “The time has come to end the ‘pass-the-parcel’ culture which sees valuable items left with neighbours or returned to the depot for pick-up at a later date. Instead, consumers should always ensure they have a secure delivery lockable solution in place, that tells them exactly when their item has arrived, preventing thefts and giving piece of mind to hardworking Britons during the Christmas period.”

In September, iParcelBox launched its new smart parcel delivery solution, a locked ‘safe delivery’ box made of steel which is monitored and controlled via a smartphone app. The company designed the product to tackle the frustration felt by online shoppers who miss deliveries when they aren’t at home, or find their parcel left in an inappropriate place.

iParcelBox has been designed to be easy for couriers to use. The delivery driver simply presses a button on the iParcelBox to request a delivery. The first delivery will be accepted automatically, and for subsequent deliveries a smartphone notification alerts the customer, who unlocks the iParcelBox remotely using the free app. The delivery driver can scan the unique bar code inside the lid of the iParcelBox as proof of delivery.

SourceiParcelBox, CEP-Research

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