Friday June 09, 2023

Bringg partners with Uber for same-day deliveries

Delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider Bringg has partnered globally with Uber to improve the retail delivery experience for customers across the world amid e-commerce continues to boom.  

Through this partnership, which covers retail and B2B sectors, Bringg’s customers now have seamless access to drivers through Uber Direct, which enables them to provide same-day and next-day delivery, without needing to sacrifice key delivery elements like branding, measurement, visibility, or quality.

Despite the challenges that exist with an ecommerce surge and skyrocketing last-mile delivery needs, businesses still need to provide a top-notch customer experience, no matter how large their driver networks grow, the technology company stressed.

For retailers, scaling order fulfillment is two-fold – it requires not only an expansion of available delivery providers but also the optimization of delivery workflows and driver engagement to help ensure every driver can be as effective as possible. 

“The world is rapidly changing, and retailers need to adapt to meet customers where they are. Our partnership with Uber provides retailers with more flexibility in the delivery cycle, not only ensuring that our customers get their orders when and where they want, but enables them to do so without compromising quality or profitability in the delivery cycle, which is key to an excellent customer experience and maintaining a healthy business,” said Niko Avrutov, VP of Alliances at Bringg.

The global partnership supports both efforts in scaling deliveries by expanding Bringg’s customers’ delivery networks while offering them the ability to measure and manage every fleet of drivers through a single platform. With key capabilities like driver tracking for increased visibility and synchronized driver arrival and order prep, which ensure just-in-time preparation and handoff, for optimal speed and efficiency, customers can enhance delivery capabilities while maintaining brand excellence.

For Uber Direct, the partnership enables them to seamlessly launch its services to retailers and rapidly accelerate time to market. By design, Uber Direct provides access to flexible and seamless delivery solutions to businesses of all types. Leveraging the Uber Direct platform will empower Bringg’s customers to seamlessly handle on-demand delivery orders placed via an app or website, enabling them to own the customer experience end-to-end. 


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