Tuesday July 05, 2022

Bringg partners with Fluent Commerce to provide premium delivery experience

Bringg and distributed order management platform Fluent Commerce have announced a global partnership to provide consumers with a premium last-mile experience.

Together, Fluent Commerce and Bringg offer retailers an end-to-end solution to optimize operations from customer order through last-mile delivery.

The partnership will enable retailers to utilize Bringg’s complete fleet management suite including dispatch, routing and access to a global network of integrated delivery providers, including leading crowdsourced, traditional and third-party fleets.

Using the intuitive UI, retailers gain end-to-end visibility, tracking deliveries in real-time. Bringg also offers retailers a customer experience solution,  for a branded delivery experience and a communication platform so retailers can continually improve and  easily track customer satisfaction.

Nikolai Avrutov, VP of Alliances at Bringg, commented: “The opportunity to seamlessly leverage Fluent Commerce’s order management software with Bringg’s delivery and fulfilment orchestration means we can help retailers maximize the margin on every order, provide a personal branded customer experience, rapid on-demand delivery and curbside operations – in a unified flow.

“With an increased demand for home deliveries and curbside pickup in the current climate, the ability to deliver fast to customers while remaining profitable and in control is essential. Our partnership enables retailers to achieve just that.”

Rob Shaw, Managing Director EMEA, Fluent Commerce: “This partnership with Bringg shows our commitment to helping retailers meet customer expectations in challenging market conditions. Whether the customer chooses the convenience of Click and Collect, delivery to their door or wants items delivered curbside, rapid cost-effective delivery can be seamlessly provided at speed and with real-time visibility.”

Fluent Commerce is a cloud-native distributed order management solution provider, focused on helping omnichannel retailers offer a unified commerce experience. The company’s technology suite includes software for in-store tooling, inventory and location management, customer service, fulfilment optimization, and reporting.

The solution integrates physical warehouse and store inventory with online stores, optimising delivery options for shoppers and providing tools that can help associates manage orders and track inventory. Retailers have full visibility and control over orders, fulfilment and returns, and can track them with orchestrated business rules. 


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