Friday June 09, 2023

Bpost digitalises failed delivery notices

bpost home delivery
bpost home delivery

bpost has launched a pilot project in two Belgian municipalities to replace paper-based failed parcel delivery notices with a digital alternative.

When arriving at a front door in Tessenderlo and Chastre to deliver a parcel and the addressee is not home the postwoman/man will no longer put a printed failed delivery notice through the letterbox. As from now, customers will only receive an e-mail.

The initiative is part of bpost’s commitment to working in an ever more sustainable way by reducing its paper consumption. In addition, the pilot project also fits in with the continued optimisation and digitisation of the various processes at bpost. The big advantage of digital communication is that addressees always receive the more extensive and up-to-date information about their parcel. ​

For now, only addressees who have registered their delivery preferences will receive digital notifications. Some 3.4 million Belgians have already registered their delivery preferences, such as a safe place, a neighbour, a pick-up point or a parcel locker, in the My bpost app or on the website. In the pilot project areas (Tessenderlo and Chastre), addressees who have not registered their delivery preferences will also receive digital notifications. ​

The pilot project will be extended to a number of larger municipalities within a few months. If the pilot project goes successfully, the process could be rolled out across the country for both parcels and registered mail next year.

“In digitising failed delivery notifications, bpost is taking a further step towards greener parcel deliveries,” says Chris Vansnick, Director Sustainability bpostgroup. “bpost wants to make a difference in terms of sustainability by adopting more and more eco-friendly initiatives.”


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