Monday August 08, 2022

Blue Yonder expands Accenture partnership to speed cloud-based supply chain transformations

Blue Yonder and Accenture are broadening their cooperation to help retail, consumer goods and high-tech companies transform their supply chains with a cloud-first approach.

Accenture research shows more than three-quarters (76%) of supply chain and operations c-suite executives agree that their company will accelerate its digital transformation, including its emphasis on using the cloud. By expanding its alliance with Blue Yonder, Accenture aims to expand and scale its Supply Chain & Operations practice with new capabilities and skills to meet that demand.

Accenture and Blue Yonder will continue to offer advanced supply chain expertise and solutions across the value chain from planning to logistics; providing end-to-end visibility, while also fast-tracking existing client journeys to a more cost-effective and agile cloud architecture.

Leveraging Accenture’s deep industry and technology experience and its global network of Innovation Hubs, the companies will also jointly develop innovative fit-for-purpose supply chain offerings that leverage Blue Yonder’s cloud-based LuminateTM platform, which runs on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The companies’ combined strength in artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable the creation of new solutions that help joint clients achieve network-wide visibility and collaboration, automated execution, improved demand and supply planning, optimized inventory management, and enhanced fulfillment.

“Companies are under incredible pressure to reimagine and transform their supply chains to be more responsive, efficient, sustainable and resilient to enable purpose-led growth – and they’re prioritizing cloud at the core of their efforts,” said Kris Timmermans, senior managing director and Accenture’s global supply chain & operations lead. 

“Expanding our alliance with Blue Yonder will provide our joint clients the necessary tools and visibility to actively respond to disruptions in their supply chains, while also reinforcing the cloud-first approach as a key tenet of digital supply chain transformation.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for real-time supply chain visibility and the ability to proactively plan for and instantly adapt to changing circumstances. Together with Accenture, we will drive greater client value with proven methodologies that help companies achieve their visions for resilient supply chains by putting cloud at the center,” said Mark Morgan, Executive Vice President – Worldwide Commercial Business, Blue Yonder.

SourceBlue Yonder

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