Thursday December 09, 2021

BEUMER launches new pouch system for online fashion retailers

BEUMER Group new pouch system
BEUMER Group new pouch system

BEUMER Group has launched its own new BG Pouch System® in response to rapid growth of interest from omnichannel and D2C operators.

This innovative system expands the group’s offering for the warehouse and distribution industry with a pouch sortation solution that meets the escalating requirements from today’s modern fulfilment and distribution operations.

The company said the BG Pouch System was developed to relieve the unprecedented pressure to deliver financial and logistical efficiency in the demanding e-commerce environment and fits perfectly into its existing end-to-end integration solutions to solve intralogistics challenges for fashion companies.

“Huge potential”

Stephan Heessels, Director for BEUMER Group Logistic Systems, said: “We see a huge potential for a modern version of pouch technology, especially for our customers looking to refine their fulfilment and distribution chain by optimising processes to have faster goods-to-consumer cycles and a much, much lower need for operators touching the items.”

An Italian fashion brand with a tight product life cycle has become the first operation to invest in the BG Pouch System as a part of their fine-tuned worldwide distribution operation. This follows many of BEUMER Group’s other solutions that have proved effective in warehouse and distribution operations for re- and e-tailers such as NIKE, Foot Locker and ASOS.

Versatile system

The BG Pouch System has a capacity of 7kg which is ideally suited to fashion items from shoes to garments on hangers (GoH), as well as a wider product profile, including print & media, pharmaceuticals & beauty products and electronics.

This versatility provides a high flexibility for handling diverse items, no matter the requirement for returns handling, peak seasonal demands or omni-channel performance pressure. Different types of items, held for different clients, destined for different types of shipping can be collated in one intelligent storage system. This will be of particular interest for 3PL players.

The BG Pouch System will be of interest to operations considering upgrading conventional, manual operations with a realistic and achievable approach to automation. The BG Pouch System can be mounted in the ceiling, representing a massive saving on space and allowing deployment when floor area is a limiting factor. Additionally, as a modular system, the BG Pouch System can also be scaled up easily when required with minimal installation time.

Each BG Pouch System module can handle more than 10,000 pouches per hour. The dynamic buffer reduces manual handling to dramatically speed up and smooth intralogistics flows, allowing predictive picking to significantly reduce handling peaks.

BEUMER also stressed: “The BG Pouch System enables the growing demand for fast, e-commerce driven cycle times to be met by warehouses and third-party logistic (3PL) providers. The persisting problem of reverse logistics is solved by effective and efficient handling of returns using built-in interim storage capacity for returned products.

“This avoids unnecessary manual handling as returned goods can be sent for shipment directly from the dynamic buffer, without ever being sent back to the main storage area and without having to be re-picked. In an omni-channel environment, the sort and sequence functions are invaluable to facilitate goods sortation for shop delivery to ensure products arrive to stores in a shop-friendly manner and expedite shelf replenishment.”

SourceBEUMER Group

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