Saturday December 02, 2023

Aramex pledges to accelerate gender balance in the UAE

Aramex gender equality pledge
Aramex gender equality pledge

As part of its commitment to gender equality, Aramex International LLC has signed a pledge through the UAE Gender Balance Council to increase women’s representation in mid- and senior positions to reach 30% by 2025.

Commenting on this milestone, Nadeem Baig, Chief HR Officer at Aramex, said: “This initiative is key to achieving our global mission of connecting people, not just to one another, but also to live and breathe fairness, equity and opportunity in the environment we offer to our female and male colleagues.”

Baig added: “We are confident that the initiative by the UAE’s National Committee will in time be replicated by others in the region, and the world will continue to be inspired by the UAE as an example nation where real-world agendas are tackled and addressed in their best form.”


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