Saturday September 23, 2023

An Post raises basic stamp price by 8%

AnPost delivery
AnPost delivery

Ireland’s An Post will increase the price of the basic national stamp by 8% to €1.35 (currently €1.25) on 1st February.

Some other services such as Redirection and Registered Post will also increase, while there will be no change in the price of either Worldwide or Digital Stamps.

An Post prices remain below the current average European tariffs for high quality, next-day letter delivery services. The average price of a comparable national stamp across the principal EU14 (+ UK) countries is now €1.69.   

An Post is committed to the provision of top quality, sustainable, personal next-day service to the door for all customers across the country unlike several other European countries where service quality has fallen or letter deliveries are made just once or twice a week.

Conscious of the impact on personal customers who are regular mailers, the price of ten-stamp booklets will be €13.00 (€1.30 per stamp), while a 100-stamp roll will work out at €1.25 per stamp.  SMEs can avail of a €1.20 national stamp price through the An Post Advantage Card - a discount of 11%. In addition, An Post will continue to run its popular extra discount promotions for Love Stamps and other special stamps throughout the year. 

The new stamp prices reflect sustained transport, fuel and energy cost inflation and the true cost of maintaining a nationwide postal service as traditional letter volumes continue to fall.  Transport cost inflation (fuel) has been running at almost 25% while energy costs are up 60% year on year.  The new postal tariffs will help ensure the continuity of national letter services based on customers paying the same price for delivery of letters nationwide regardless of distance, as well as ongoing investment in letter services, staff and digital innovation.

Garrett Bridgeman, Managing Director of An Post Commerce said: “There has been very significant input cost inflation across our business, most particularly in fuel at 25% this past year, and energy at more than 60%.  We have made every effort to minimise the necessary price increases by spreading them across our products and services while working to ensure top quality, sustainable services for all customers, regardless of where they live. 

“We will continue our huge transformation with innovative new Letter products and services for the future.  Through innovations such as our world-first Digital Stamp with notified delivery, we will protect our customers and support Irish firms who are doing business at home and expanding across the globe, while ensuring safe, decent work for our staff.

“While these increases are necessary to cover rising costs and ensure service continuity on par with the best in Europe, we are alleviating the impact on SMEs and personal customers by providing discounts to them and offering regular price promotions through the year at post offices and online.  

“I am pleased to confirm that our Community Focus supports including free postage to all nursing and care homes across Ireland and free newspaper delivery for older customers will be available throughout 2023,” he added.

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