Thursday July 07, 2022

Amazon orders electric vans from DHL’s StreetScooter

Amazon electric van by StreetScooter
Amazon electric van by StreetScooter

Amazon has ordered 40 StreetScooter WORK Box electric vans as well as the corresponding charging infrastructure for its distribution centre in Munich Daglfing, manufactured by the Aachen-based vehicle producer StreetScooter.

StreetScooter, owned by Deutsche Post DHL, quickly set up the 60 charging stations in the Amazon distribution centre and instantly delivered the vehicles.

Jörg Sommer, CEO of StreetScooter GmbH, commented: "I am very pleased that Amazon is relying on our e-vehicles for climate-friendly delivery and trusts our many years of expertise regarding charging infrastructure."

Adam Elman, Senior Lead Sustainability at Amazon Europe, added: “Amazon is committed to achieving the requirements of the Paris Climate Change Convention ten years ahead of the target compliance date – in 2040 instead of 2050.

“In doing so, we rely on the cooperation with different partners that work on developing new technologies and promote a carbon-neutral economy. We look forward to working with StreetScooter and leveraging their expertise to add more electric vehicles and charging stations to our network."

The Aachen-based electric transporters have proven that they are suitable for the challenging use on the last mile. Additionally, the StreetScooters are also very convincing from an economic perspective. According to Sommer, after just a few years of usage, the electric vehicle’s total operating costs will be more advantageous compared to the expenses of combustion vehicles.

SourceStreetScooter, CEP-Research

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