Tuesday October 20, 2020

Escher Group - Nick Manolis
"Taking the Post Office to the Customer"

Nick is the CEO of Escher Group, a company that helps postal operators and couriers around the world transform their point of service operations to better meet the needs of the modern customer. CEP-Research recently had the opportunity to catch up with the newly-appointed head of Escher to discuss a wide range of topics, including his new role, the company and his vision, the transformation taking place at postal operators and couriers, and how Nick and the Escher team are eliminating post office queues for their clients - some of the biggest posts on the planet.... Read more.



Escher Group - Wayne Haubner
"Two Steps Ahead: How some Posts are moving faster than Customer's evolving expectations"

The postal industry is not immune to this challenge. Posts are competing with private couriers, the higher expectations created by “the Amazon effect”, and several nimble startups angling to claim the last mile. And they’re trying to reconcile this with their legacy systems. But posts are also uniquely positioned to own the delivery market. In most cases, postal operators dominate the last mile, and in many countries, they deliver to almost every address six days a week. Forward-thinking posts are taking advantage of this opportunity, expanding service points through PUDO locations, diversifying service offerings, and reducing costs every step of the way... Read more.




Escher Group - Kevin Sellers
"Escher Group VP Explains How Posts Can Secure The Youth Market"

In 2020, millennial purchasing power will represent $1.4 trillion in annual spending. For posts, making the postal service part of this demographic’s daily routine is a business imperative. Today, posts are the dominant players in their domestic delivery markets. But a changing market, rising customer service expectations, and well-funded start-ups fuelled by private capital pose a threat to their position. Securing the youth market is a matter of enterprise-wide, digital transformation... Read more.








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